Top 5 Brand Logos in the World

Though at times it can seem like an afterthought, the logo you choose for your business can be a critical component in determining your company’s branding success. Can you imagine Nike without the swoosh, or McDonald’s without those golden arches? It’s probably difficult because those images have become synonymous with those brands–so much so that you only have to see is the logo and not the business name to recognize which company the product belongs to.

Here are 5 of the most widely recognized logos in the world:


Nike – The swoosh is more than just that—it’s a style statement, synonymous with high-end sports performance and the men’s and women’s athletic shoes and apparel that the company sells. All you need to do is gaze upon the iconic swoosh to identify which company that belongs to. That’s the power of a logo in a nutshell.


Apple – Apple’s signature symbol—the apple, of course–is another great example of achieving immediate brand recognition through logo design. Though it’s gone through several redesigns, there’s no mistaking that the outline of an apple with a bite taken out of it is related to the consumer electronics giant.


Coca Cola– Coke’s logo—Coca Cola written in white calligraphic typography against a red background—is proof positive that simplicity in logo design can be highly effectifve. That recognizable logo is also probably a contributing factor in why Coke is the world’s largest selling soft drink.


McDonald’s – When you see the golden arches of McDonald’s, what comes to mind? A Big Mac? Chicken McNugget’s? French fries? For many, that’s the image the fast food mega-chain’s logo invokes. What’s more, the image is so ingrained in us that when we see it—regardles of whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad—we know exactly what to expect taste and quality-wise from the food you are served.


Google – The youngest of the company’s on this list, Google’s logo is one of the most famous and visible logos in the entire world today. The font. The colors. The design. All of that has entered our conscious to the point that we can tell just by those distinguishing features that something is even remotely related to Google (such as Gmail and Chrome).

As you can see, having a company logo that is instantly recognizable can do wonders for your business, as it did with the highly successful ventures above.

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