Top 10 Airline Logos From Around The World And The Story Behind It

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As a top Aviation Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, we recognize the value of a strong brand identification in the aviation sector. A well-designed logo that captures the values, mission, and vision of the business is a crucial component of a brand identity. Here are the top ten airline logos in this blog post along with the narratives that go with each one.

1. Emirates: 

The airline’s name is rendered in calligraphic form in Arabic script as part of the Emirates logo, signifying the company’s roots and dedication to the Middle East. In 1985, the logo was created by the London-based design studio Negus & Negus.

Emirates airline logo
American Airlines logo

2. American Airlines: 

An eagle, a representation of power, freedom, and patriotism, appears in the airline’s emblem. The stylized “A” that stands for the airline’s name is formed by the eagle’s wings. Italian designer Massimo Vignelli created the logo in 1967.

3. Delta Air Lines:

The red widget in the Delta Air Lines logo is a representation of growth and innovation. Since the 1960s, the widget has been a component of Delta’s branding and has grown to represent the airline’s essence. In 1959, branding and design company Landor Associates created the logo.

Delta airline logo
Cathay Pacific logo

4. Cathay Pacific: 

A stylized brushwing, a representation of grace and elegance, appears in the airline’s logo. The brushwing is a symbol of the airline’s dedication to providing a first-class and opulent traveling experience. Graphic designer Ivan Chermayeff created the logo in 1994.

5. Qantas:

Kangaroos, a representation of Australia and the airline’s sense of national pride, are included in the Qantas emblem. Since the 1930s, the kangaroo has been a feature of Qantas’ identity and has evolved into an iconic representation of the airline. In 1944, commercial artist Gert Sellheim created the logo.

Qantas logo
Air Canada logo

6. Air Canada:

The red maple leaf, which is a representation of Canada and the airline’s national identity, appears in the Air Canada logo. The devotion of Air Canada to servicing the nation and its citizens is symbolized by the maple leaf. Graphic designer James Valkus created the logo in 1965.

7. Singapore Airlines: 

A bird, a representation of freedom and grace, appears in the Singapore Airlines emblem. The airline’s name and dedication to service and hospitality are represented by the horizontal “S” that the bird’s tail forms. In 1987, Landor Associates created the logo.

Singapore Airlines logo
Lufthansa logo

8. Lufthansa

The stylised crane, a sign of grace and longevity, appears in the Lufthansa logo. The crane stands for Lufthansa’s long history of aviation innovation and its dedication to providing a high-quality travel experience. Graphic designer Otl Aicher created the logo in 1963.

9. British Airways: 

The “Speedmarque,” a well-known representation of speed and advancement, appears in the airline’s emblem. Since the 1970s, British Airways’ branding has included the Speedmarque, which has grown to be a recognized hallmark of the company. Negus & Negus created the logo in 1974.

British Airways logo
Virgin Atlantic logo

10. Virgin Atlantic

The red and white globe of the Virgin Atlantic emblem represents the airline’s global reach and dedication to innovation. The globe has come to represent Virgin Atlantic’s brand and commitment to provide customers with an exceptional and memorable travel experience. Landor Associates created the logo in 1984.

Building a solid brand identification in the aviation sector can be aided by a well-designed logo. These ten airline logos have become recognizable emblems of the aviation sector and represent the core principles, goals, and objectives of their respective organizations. Each logo has a special origin that reflects the culture, identity, and values of the airline.

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A well-designed logo is an essential element of a strong brand identity in the aviation industry. By studying the stories behind the 10 best airline logos, we can learn valuable lessons about branding, design, and marketing. Contact Branding Los Angeles today to learn more about our Aviation marketing agency and how we can help you build a successful and recognizable brand.

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