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Apple Protects Brand in Battle With U.S. Government

As per Online Public Relations Los Angeles, the U.S. Department of Justice is filing a motion that would order Apple Inc. to unlock an iPhone belonging to a shooter in 2015’s San Bernardino attack. A court hearing regarding this case has been scheduled for March 22nd. Thom Mrozek, speaking on behalf of the U.S. Attorney’s [...]

Apple Protects Brand in Battle With U.S. Government2018-09-09T07:28:26+00:00

Apple Says “No” to the FBI

According to online public relations Los Angeles, in an unprecedented move, Apple gave an emphatic “No” to the FBI. The "no" was in response to the FBI asking Apple to open up its back end so that the San Bernadino shooters’ information could be analyzed. Apple’s refusal was seen as a bold move against the FBI. [...]

Apple Says “No” to the FBI2018-09-09T07:28:26+00:00