Shark Tank’s Lorei Greiner’s 5 Helpful Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Our Fashion Marketing team in Los Angeles believes that the stars of Shark Tank’s expertise can help women starting a business.

Lori Greiner, inventor, entrepreneur, “Queen of QVC”, co-star of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has five great tips for female entrepreneurs.

1. Don’t Devalue Yourself

Greiner believes that many women are insecure when creating a business to one big factor: their gender. She wants women to know that you are equal to any other rising entrepreneur, whether they be female or male. She doesn’t want women to think of themselves as female; in other words, she believes women should avoid self-sabotage by constantly comparing themselves to their male counterparts.

2. Be Knowledgeable

Lori believes that a big key to success is knowledge. She believes that you should learn everything you can about your business, product, and product category. She recommends doing copious amounts of research that potential business partners and customers will respect and listen to you.

3. Be ConfidentFashion Marketing Los Angeles

As per Lori, the only real failure in life is not attempting something. She believes that being confident will let you realize your goals, no matter what. She believes that hitting adversity will only serve as a learning experience that you can utilize to grow your business and yourself.

4. Be Passionate

When starting a business, make sure that you aren’t doing something that you plan to drop quickly. Lori believes that your business should be run with your heart and soul. Do something you love, something that doesn’t make you want to quit after a month’s worth of work.

5. Never Tolerate Sexism

We all know that women experience the blunt of sexism in corporate environments; this is no different from the world of entrepreneurism. Greiner believes that you should never let a man put you down; if you are, call him out and command respect!

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