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Supa Slydes

The Company:

Supa Slydes is a Los Angeles based, sports-driven footwear company that offers a wide variety of stylish yet comfortable slip-on sandals. They target their product to athletes, as well as “lifestyle aficionados.” Their sandals were designed with innovation and style in mind to create an iconic footwear staple.

Website: www.supaslydes.com
Phone: 503.348.6298
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hours: All Day (online)

The Project:

The client wanted to grow their brand and make it a recognizable name in the industry, generate sales and share the brand with the appropriate audience.

The Approach:

We used a fashion marketing approach to help Supa Slydes in their journey to grow their business.  We first had to identify their target market; we were able to determine that their target audience should be athletes and those who live an active lifestyle.  We were able to increase Supa Slydes’ brand visibility through the following methods:

  • Experiential Marketing: The Branding Los Angeles promotional team hit the streets of Venice Beach and generated buzz through crowd competition and gathering newsletter sign ups.
  • Gifting: Through our marketing research, we were able to contact influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and lifestyle based publications to be advocates of our brand through gifting and positive press.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Utilizing different resources, Supa Slydes was able to align itself with many well-known figures such as professional soccer players, skateboarders and X-Games athletes.
  • Content Creation: A tone that expressed an active lifestyle best fit this brand’s identity, so we ensured that their voice mirrored that lifestyle through the content on their website and social media pages.


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