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The Company:

Night Tap is an online resource people can use to get deals on drinks and other nightlife attractions in Los Angeles. Night Tap is always pulling bargains and deals from their network of nightlife locations to continuously provide the best deals to their customers. Their business model is beneficial for both the consumers and the businesses that are offering deals.

Website: nighttap.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hours: All Day (online)

The Project:

Night Tap needed help in informing the general public about their service, they also needed print materials to be designed and produced.

The Approach:

For this client we utilized a variety of marketing techniques, starting with experiential marketing at events in the Los Angeles area; this informed our target market about the brand. We were able to grow our customer base through influencer-based targeting. After designing their logo and print materials, we were able to design and develop their website and app to make the brand more user-friendly and convenient. Other services included:

  • Creating and running social media pages to engage followers and attract customers
  • Developing sponsorships and other business relationships that were mutually beneficial for both parties

The Results:

Generated $100,000 in sales through special events marketing


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