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Dean Salo Dentist

The Company:

Dean Salo Dentist is a private practice located in Los Angeles, CA. He offers top-quality service to high-profile patients all over LA. Dr. Salo is a highly sought after dentist that specializes in all types of dental care. Dr. Salo is the leading dental practitioner in the Los Angeles area, providing his patients the best dental care.



The Project:

Reputation management was important to the client, he wanted to keep his good reputation with all of his patients. There was also a need for social media management, web design, and marketing.

The Approach:

For this client, we wanted to implement a reputation management plan that kept his already great reputation. By doing so we made sure that he had the ability to interact with his patients outside of the dental office through different avenues like Yelp. Social media management was important for the client. We implemented this by keeping an updated social media for his patients to stay informed of different healthcare news and insight. The client wanted a website that looked professional and was easy to maneuver throughout.

The Result:

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