The Company:

Cosmo Funnel is an online platform for artists, poets, and other creative types to showcase, exhibit and share their work with the world. Their businesses model was created due to the feeling that art and poetry lost its essence in the modern world. If one of their users submits a piece of art that they feel is special they will promote it on their website, greatly increasing the amount of people their work reaches. Their mission is to promote a community of active artists and poets.

Location: 8271 Melrose Ave.Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA
Hours: All Day (online)

The Project:

Cosmo Funnel had two goals they wanted to achieve: facilitate engagement and increase user-ship.

The Approach:

To make engagement possible, we implemented a calendar that spelled out what content needed to be created and when. We also developed an email newsletter campaign that kept their current users informed and up-to-date with the brand. In order to increase users, we created social media pages to draw a following as well as running Facebook and Google Ads. Other services included designing and producing their branding materials including business cards, brochures, and other stationery.


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