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The Company:

CIG2O is an online electronic cigarette company; electronic cigarettes are a battery-powered vaporizer, which simulates the feeling of smoking but without burning tobacco. CIG2O offers an enhanced smoking experience with its rich and flavorful products.

Website: cig2o.com
Phone: 1.805.309.2777
Hours: All Day (online)

The Project:

CIG2O needed help in educating potential clients about the new e-cigarette industry, they also wanted a new website to be designed and launched.

The Approach:

Because the e-Cigarette industry was new and considered slightly taboo at the time, we had to develop an innovative marketing campaign to help CIG2O gain visibility among their target market. We started by designing an effective and easy-to-use website for both the customers and back-end users. We then conducted experiential marketing by displaying their products at various trade shows and privately owned smoke shops. Other services included:

  • Creating and running their social media pages to build online visibility and generate customer leads
  • Building their brand through the use of influencers and a strong web presence


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