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Billboard Adz

The Company:

Billboard Adz is a mobile billboard-advertising agency located in the Los Angeles area. They use trucks fitted with full color LED screens to take advantage of anytime, anyplace advertising capabilities. They are able to offer 100% customizeable campaigns for their clients which range from law firms to car dealerships to restaurants. With their years of experience and expertise, they are able to target diverse market segments and specific areas in Southern California.

Website: billboardadz.com
Phone: 310.999.6503
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday.

The Project:

The client wanted to re-market their brand, make their website more user-friendly & inviting, and educate their potential clients on who they are and what they do.

The Approach:

When this client came to us, they had an existing marketing platform that wasn’t performing well. After meeting with the client and learning about their business, we were able to entirely re-brand their company by redesigning their logo, changing the name of their business and designing & launching a 100% unique website. Their biggest obstacle was teaching people what they offered and what their business could do. We determined the best way to do this was by having their billboard trucks hit the streets and display their abilities for the people to see firsthand. Through extensive marketing research, we were able to identify which communities could use their services; we found that their platform was perfect for advertising real estate and experiential marketing. Other services included:

• Conducting extensive SEO to improve brand visibility online
• Running Google Adwords to extend reach of the brand
• Running Facebook ads to increase brand recognition in the target market
• Creating a homepage video that effectively explains the business potential to customers

The Results:

For every 3 days the truck was rolling, 1-2 client leads were generated
Over 70% of leads led to a sale


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