Parents and Expectant Parents Are Using Youtube 329% More From The Previous Year

Some very interesting recent market research by Google is showing some rather amazing comparisons between the search engine statistics of new parents vs. those of non-parents.  The results show that new or expectant parents perform over 2.7 times as many web inquiries than non-parents, and over half of these are performed through digital smartphones and tablets.  This is changing the way that many commercial websites are optimizing their content for SEO.

According to Google, mobile web searches regarding the topic of baby development rose sharply in the first quarter of 2014 by some 72% from the same time last year.  And this same market research shows that mobile inquiries for all types of parenting related topics increased by some 25%.


YouTube MarketingYouTube, another Google favorite in the search engine page rankings, also showed a dramatic increase in mobile viewership of parenting-related videos, up 329% from the previous year.


So why the sudden boost in ratings?  And why is this leading so many professional webmasters to rethink their SEO strategies?  Google seems to think that this massive increase is due to a new generation of young parents, a generation of the New Millennium who was raised with digital smartphone technology as a normal part of everyday life.

Of the many baby-related possible search engine categories, “clothing” seems to be a popular keyword.  For those parents who are still expecting, popular web inquiries relate to the types and styles of maternity wear or baby clothes.  After the birth of the child, the market research shows a slight shift towards proper cleaning techniques.

Other useful information for the SEO professionals shows that expecting parents also search for safety tips, health related issues, and schools and college information.  New parents additionally look for topics ranging from breast and bottle feeding issues to diaper and shopping tips.  The parenting category seems to be taking off this year, and many commercial websites are taking notice by reformatting their existing content, products, and services.

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