James Corden Is Outrageous and Funny in Apple Music’s New Commercial

There are endless marketing strategies and commercial ideas created to target different audiences around the globe.

The approach varies on the outcome a specific company or brand is striving to attain. In this particular ad, Apple means to create a light-hearted and enjoyable experience for viewers. Additionally, Apple’s main goal is to inform users of the new updates and features the Apple Music app has acquired most recently. Apple Music partnered with James Corden for this comedic skit, as Corden pitches over-the-top ideas to the team.

Although this approach has been used several times before, Apple was able to execute it in a manner that seemed organic and effortless. The team seemed to be genuinely confused and a tad annoyed with all of Corden’s outrageously bad ideas. Additionally, the Apple employees reflect the way the viewer may feel or react as they experience all the crazy ideas at once. The team politely explains and informs Corden, and the viewers, what is important for the ad to convey. The acting is organic and not cheesy, resulting in an enjoyable ad for viewers.

The highlight of this ad was being able to see Corden act out many of his extreme ideas. Not only did Corden dress up as the David Bowie, the Spice Girls, and Pharrell but he also acted out dramatic scenes in the desert and in the ocean. Thankfully, he did not act out giving birth to Justin Bieber who would then give birth to Anthony Kiedis who would lastly give birth to an iPhone. The fact that the ideas are acted out allows the viewers to visually enjoy the ad and laugh along the way. In the end, the ad successfully informs the audience about the important functions available for use in a fun and enjoyable manner.

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