Does Color Really Matter in Logo Design?

Choosing the individual colors of your logo design may seem like a matter of personal preference, but many marketing experts have determined that certain color selections can have a significant impact on your company branding strategies and resulting revenues.  Your logo is more than just a line of text.  It is a visual symbol that reflects the corporate message that you are trying to convey to your consumers.  Choose the wrong color, and you might be accidentally sending the wrong message.

Logo Design Los AngelesRed

The color red tends to promote a sense of urgency, intensity, and stimulation.  It is often used in clearance sales promotional campaigns.  And food manufacturers use it frequently because of its stimulating effect on the appetite.  McDonalds and Kellogg’s, for example, are two top name brands that have utilized the color red to its highest advantages for several decades.


Branding strategies that include blue, on the other hand, signify a sense of high quality, safety, and security.  It has a calming effect on the viewer, instilling a sense of trust and dependability.  Many of the world’s top 100 companies include the color blue in their logo design.  Think Microsoft as an example.  Financial companies, commercial airlines, and energy companies often include this color for its ability to instill a sense of safety and trustworthiness in their consumers.

Yellow and Orange

The color yellow offers a hint of optimism and cheerfulness to any logo.  It’s a great color to really attract attention.  This is why the middle light of a stop light is yellow and not blue.  When you combine the jovial properties of yellow with the stimulating effects of red, you get the color of orange.  This color provides the magical properties of each of its parent colors, offering the urgency of red with the enthusiastic message of yellow to provide an exuberant, less threatening attraction to the eye of the consumer.

Take a look at your logo design?  Are your colors communicating the message of your intended branding strategies?  If not, it might be time for a revamp!

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