Cannabis Companies Can Do This To Overcome Marketing Restrictions

As the Cannabis industry continues to grow, it may seem easy for a cannabis advertising agency to market brands. Cannabis has gone from a once misunderstood business to a now prosperous professional industry. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, there are still restrictions when it comes to marketing. Here are a few tips on how to overcome those restrictions:

Attend Grassroots Events

With more states adopting lax laws when it comes to cannabis, more events emerge. This allows consumers to familiarize themselves with cannabis-based brands in a safe and familiar environment. Along with consumers, the media also has a strong presence in these events. Therefore, it is beneficial for brands to be present and reach curious consumers who would have otherwise avoided the product.

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Learn To Navigate Social Media

Federal restrictions have made it hard for a cannabis advertising agency or business to properly market their products on social media. Sites like Facebook and Youtube routinely censor cannabis-based pages and ads. That said, content marketing is gaining steam for cannabis marketers. The important thing for the content isn’t to just show cannabis-related content, but to teach those unfamiliar with cannabis.

Regional Focus

Cannabis is only recreationally legal in 10 states and medically legal in 33. Because of this, marketers must be aware of where to focus their campaigns. It doesn’t make sense to market a product in a state that hasn’t legalized cannabis. It is also important to work in areas where cannabis is legal to avoid the problem of having to ship cannabis across state lines to partners or content creators.

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