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With the introduction of Amazon Business in 2015, Amazon extended the values of convenience and efficiency to businesses. Our Amazon Marketing Company is fully aware of the benefits that Amazon Business has to offer, and is proud to provide information that will benefit your business.

Understandably, the concept of Amazon Business may be confusing to those who are not aware of it. To make sense of this new service, we have outlined some of the benefits, as well as how Amazon Business will improve your business operations.

What Exactly Is Amazon Business?

The best way to think about Amazon Business is as an Amazon account for your business. This new service allows your business to list a certain number of users that are capable of ordering supplies for the interest of the company. The administrator for the account is able to manage authorized users, choose shipping model, edit shipping addresses, and administer payment methods.

Currently, the pricing model for shipping is as followed:

  • 10 or less members: $499/year
  • 100 or less members: $1,299/year
  • More than 100 members: $10,099/year

Benefits of Amazon Business

One of the many benefits of Amazon Business is access to a wide variety of suppliers. The Amazon database lists retailers from nearly any industry, and with Amazon Business, companies are able to order virtually any supplies through Amazon alone.

Another perceived benefit is the low-cost effectiveness of Amazon Business. With a business account, you are able to gain price discounts when ordering supplies in bulk. In addition, smaller companies that sign up for Amazon Business may qualify for tax exemption. A tax exemption status, if attained, is applicable for eligible Amazon purchases.

The convenient access to multiple suppliers, along with the cost-effective benefits of Amazon Business make it an extremely useful tool for any business. With the help of our Amazon Marketing Company here at Branding Los Angeles, we are able to ensure that your company reaps these benefits.

Our Amazon Marketing Company at Branding Los Angeles

Our Amazon Marketing Company at Branding Los Angeles is prepared to utilize Amazon to optimize your company’s business operations. Contact our team today to learn more.

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