6 Logo Trends for New Business

Our graphic design Los Angeles office predicts that this coming year will have contradicting trends, from the old-school basics to experimental designs.

New businesses will be revving up to open in the coming year and they will be looking for the perfect logo to match their brand. The question is, how can you maintain a unique logo but also keep up with what’s trending?

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Here are a few specific design types picked out by our graphic design Los Angeles office:

1. Experimental Techniques

Experimental techniques generally aim to be abstract, which can be a hit or miss. However, the right approach of patterns and typography will create a striking statement.

2. Grid-Based

Grids represent logic, control, and perfection. These designs have been a part of graphic design since the early 80’s and continue to be a strong running trend.

3. Architecturally-Based

Physical uniformity is important in developing a brand identity. For example, a franchise will have all of their store branches designed with the same layout and design. You can also use the logo to create an identity by incorporating the architecture of the brand. Capturing the building’s architectural design into an innovative logo will draw brand recognition and familiarity.

4. Geometric Shapes

Keeping designs simple using minimalist geometry will continue to be a logo-favorite. Our Graphic Design Los Angeles team finds that these logos have an instant impact because of its easy readability.

5. Relax buddy

Logos that inspire feelings of high energy and happiness are always popular. Bright colored cute designs will draw attention. Aim for laughter if you want to take it up a notch. Just keep it cute and happy.

6. What’s the Context?

Not only do logo designs have to be visually pleasing and eye-catching, they must also match whatever context they are applied to. Depending on the business’s products, the logo will have to match everything it can be applied to. The logo must be able to adapt to its context but also not lose the underlying structure of its design.

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