5 Insider Tips To Free Upgrades On Your Yelp Account

Here are some tips to boost your Yelp page!

Using Specialties


One thing to help customers navigate promotions better is to make sure that you display them on your Yelp page.  By using the specialties section, you are able to really give personality to your business and highlight what makes it special rather than just using the categories and services offered feature.  The specialties feature is designed to give you a highlight to show these promotions and really sell your business.  When filling out the specialties portion of your page, it is important that you try to fill the whole thing out.  By filling the whole thing out, it will increase search visibility on your page with certain words and key phrases.  

Using The Check-In Offer

If your customers use the check-in offer, they can receive a special offer when they are at your business and they check in on Yelp at the same time.  You can create any type of offer that you want to reward your customer with for checking into your business on Yelp while they are there.  

Using the check-in offer is a great resource when trying to persuade a potential customer who is not sure if they want your product/service.  Another great thing about the check-in offer is that when a customer uses their reward, it is sent out to all of their Yelp friends showing the reward they are using and where they are.  This will help to create more awareness of your business!

Using Photo Captions

Having photos on your Yelp page is extremely important as it is what a lot of people go to Yelp for.  With these photos comes an important part that usually goes unnoticed and that is photo captions.  Pictures tell a great story, but customers are usually on your Yelp page because they are seeking information.  Putting photo captions is a great way to add context to the photos that you are sharing.  This will also help your search visibility by adding keywords that people are looking for.  

Showing Special Hours/Holiday Hours

People are often looking for updated hours and holiday hours when they are unsure if your business is open or not.  By being diligent about showing your specialty hours, you show dedication to the customer and the customer will appreciate this.  There are a lot of businesses that do not do this and because of that, customers come away with a negative experience.  


The attributes portion of your Yelp page is a great resource for you to show the special things that your business does that others may not do.  Customers are always looking to see if you do certain things and this is where you can show them off.  It can be certain types of payments or certain hours or if there are pets allowed etc.  Adding many attributes is a great way to show the customer how much you have to offer them.    


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