5 Crucial Things Every Doctor Should Include on Their Website.

According to medical marketing services Los Angeles, there are five essential things that all medical practitioners should include on their website.

You can assure that they are getting optimal productivity from your website by making sure that you including these 5 elements.

1) The Doctor’s contact imedical marketing servicesnformation is critical to any medical website.

The potential client should be able to easily and quickly access all information that is relevant to contacting the physician. This includes the doctor’s phone number, fax number and street address. This information should be included in a tab called “contact”. It is also a good idea to include a Google map and driving directions that is clickable.

2) An intake form that allows potential clients to upload their own information and request an appointment.

This should also be included in the “contact” tab.

The patient contact form should have spaces where the patient can include their

– name

– phone number (both work and home or cell)

– address

– email

– a space for comments.

3) The contact page should also include a “Please Note: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911”.

This is important as many people may view the page seeking assistance when they are having a medical emergency, and this may occur during non- business hours. It is important to provide instructions on how these people can deal with their medical emergencies.

4) The website should include information that will familiarize potential clients with the team.

There should be information about the doctor’s background, including his educational background. The website should also include photos of the facility, of the doctor, and of the staff. This strategy is important to make potential clients comfortable with their choice. By including information about the doctor and photos of the facility and the team, the potential clients can get a sense of who they are working with.

5) A description of what services are offered.

It is important that a potential client knows instantly what kind of service is offered by the doctor. This information should be readily apparent as soon as a person goes to your website.



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