Our fashion marketing team in Los Angeles believes that the stars of Shark Tank hold the keys to success.


1. Be Sure to Set a Goal

John believes that the very first thing you should do before starting a business is to set some sort of goal. John’s first goal for his company was to have it incorporate the hip-hop scene that was prevalent in Queens, New York, where he was raised throughout the late 1980s. Daymond believes that if one can’t visualize their business, they can’t make it happen. Therefore, a prospective business-person should always set a preliminary goal. Make sure that your goal is personal and tied to your prospective business.

2. Do Your Research

When in the process of creating Fubu, John was got inspiration from the negativity surrounding the world of fashion design. He constantly heard that fashion designers were not interested in associating their brands Fashion Marketingwith African American culture. This inspired him to specifically to create Fubu utilizing imagery relatable to the African American experience. By locating his niche through finding out what markets were being avoided, he was able to make FUBU prosper.

3. Do Something You Love

John believes that the only way to truly prosper in business is to make sure you’re working on something that you truly love. A business is like a child; it has to be taken care of with hard work, passion, and affection. Additionally, John believes that it is important not to let love for your work overpower relationships with your family.

4. You Are The Brand

According to John, you yourself are constantly doing marketing for your brand. Your appeal, demeanor, and public presence all contribute to how your brand is perceived; make sure that your actions are conducive to your brand’s image so that your company can truly prosper.

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