To get the most out of a marketing campaign, it is necessary that it is done through the use of social media.

Instagram in particular holds a huge amount of potential; the amount of traffic that Instagram pages receive could ensure that your marketing plan is successful. Through research conducted over the last several years, Instagram has been found to get more engagement than other social media services; Instagram followers are more likely to like, share
, and comment on your posts than users of any other social media site. Our Los Angeles Instagram Marketing team wants to help you market your business, products, and services to the vast amount of users on Instagram.

Did you know that Instagram has overInstagram Marketing 300 million monthly users that share over 70 million photos per day?

To best reach these users, our team of specialists can help you by:

1. Gaining Followers by Researching your Target Audience.

Instagram has a large amount of users that vary in age, ethnicity, nationality, and background. Our team can do the research necessary to ensure that you are targeting the kind of people that are conducive to ensuring your marketing plan’s success.

2. Developing a Content Strategy

This refers to developing, planning, and managing content to be posted on Instagram. Instagram is the absolute best visual platform in regard to social media services, therefore it is necessary that thought goes into what is posted on an account. Our team can post images conducive to your brand’s identity on your preferred time schedule. By keeping track of your brand through an organized content calendar, we are able to post efficiently and effectively.

3. Posting in Synch with Other Social Media Platforms

Our Instagram Marketing team is well versed in the field of social media. We manage content on several different services, and have found that Instagram works well when used in conjunction with other social media. For example, Twitter is a medium that isn’t advantageous to post visuals on. However, posting a simply worded message on Twitter, then linking to an Instagram post related to that message is a surefire way to make your marketing plan effectual!

With the help of Branding Los Angeles, we can make Instagram an invaluable aspect to your marketing plans. If you desire more online traffic and client engagement, contact us.