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Was Uber’s Redesigned Logo Successful?

As a top logo design company, we have analyzed the effects of Uber’s logo change. Here’s what we found…
Last year, Uber surprised us with a drastic logo change. Uber’s goal was to create a logo that represented the global enterprise they have become. When redesigning their logo, Uber was inspired by today’s technologically modern world. […]

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Branding Los Angeles Focus Groups

What Are Focus Groups?
Focus groups can be defined as a group of individuals with common interests or characteristics who were gathered by a moderator. The moderator who gathers these individuals uses the group and its interaction to gain information about a specific topic. Focus groups typically consist of 7-10 individuals who are strangers to one […]

Charities We Love: Save the Heartbeat

Save the Heartbeat is a non-profit organization that fights to improve the lives of those that are born with congenital heart disease (CHD).  CHD is the most common birth defect worldwide and affects nearly one in every 100 babies born.  They strive to raise funds that assist in increasing awareness, improving quality of life and […]

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4.8 Million Tweets Determine the Best Time to Tweet

When it comes to running a small business, figuring out the right plan for your social media pages can be one of the most difficult tasks.  Often times, it gets forgotten about or pushed to the side for tasks deemed more important.  However, if you want it to be successful your social media postings can’t […]

Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2017

Trends in digital marketing have ushered in a new era for the  way companies are doing their marketing. However, at the core of any successful marketing campaign still exists the same guiding principles, visibility, engagement, and loyalty.
Here are the top 10 marketing trends that our specialists have predicted for 2017

Customer Experience Will Be Paramount

Customer […]

Chargers Logo Design Causes Huge Backlash

A crucial aspect of any company’s success is its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. Logo designs are an essential part of creating a unique brand.

In a recent turn of events, the Chargers announced their departure from the city of San Diego and stated that they will be returning to the league as the […]

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How Does Google’s New Popup Algorithm Affect Businesses?

At the beginning of 2017, Google announced that it will begin to penalize web pages that utilize popup ads.
The new development has come as an attempt by Google to enhance the user experience when utilizing the Google search engine. Popups were seen by many as a nuisance and something that slowed down the search process.

Popups […]

Closed For Businsess: Marketing In The Digital Age

As we enter into the New Year, some of us are having a rough start. The department store giant, Macy’s, will be closing down 68 of its stores across the country, leaving thousands of people vulnerable to losing their jobs. The Macy’s store first opened its doors in 1858 and has remained one of the […]

How Beats Electronics Expanded Their Brand

Young Audio Equipment Company Used Celebrities to Expand its Brand
Beats Electronics is a great example of using celebrity influence to market a product. Founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Beats by Dr. Dre became instantly popular. High quality audio enthusiasts find the quality of Beats debatable but this fails to diminish their popularity. Fans […]