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What is more relaxing than being in a place with like-minded individuals and all of the CBD you could wish for? The Summer World CBD Expo has come to an end after 3 successful days in Los Angeles. The Pasadena Convention Center served as the perfect venue to welcome CBD enthusiasts from all over the world. Branding Los Angeles is an advocate for the benefits of CBD and promotes the experience of the World CBD Expo to bring people together with common interests of all ages, genders, and representations. 

At this August convention, over 100 vendors, ranging from MedMen to Anthem Hemp, gathered to exhibit their products and experiences. The displays were intricately set up to express the meaning of each brand and where they stand in their expectations. 

Guest speakers gave talks across the three days, offering advice and education about CBD oil. The reach of these panels spanned as far as the medical benefits of CBD and new products to come. There were discussions about using the qualities of CBD to help veterans and seniors with goals to spread the good of their product. Responsibility and safety was a theme followed throughout the convention along with the thought of bringing people together

Educational talks spread about how people are working to encourage the legality of cannabis across the country while considering the health benefits. The legal side and medical side was explored with thousands of people in attendance to help explore and expand the good word of what CBD is meant to be. Doctors took the stage to inform people about how CBD can help pets while others spoke on the possibility of treating infertility. The keynote speaker Freddy Sayegh gave inspiring advice, ending on the encouraging note of the potential to save the world with CDB and build wealth. 

The up-close and personal experience drills the lessons in as they are followed by a deep discussion with the person next to you regarding the benefits and potential. Having dozens of vendors laid before you gives you the opportunity to explore diverse uses and expressions of CBD from different parts of the country. People shared stories with one another about how CBD became a part of their lives and how they plan to grow. 

The networking aspect of this convention is unlike any other, connecting people who are new to the industry with those who have been building and molding it for years. Those who are aware of FDA CBD regulations were present to extend their knowledge to those around them. It was an event to create an opportunity. While the unity was unmatched, the competition was daunting. Each vendor curated their display to draw attention to their product and sell their brand. No single distributor was the same, expressing diversity and passion for the industry. 

If you didn’t make this convention, don’t feel left out. There are always opportunities being created. The winter World CBD Expo will be held in San Jose in November. 

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