While Fast Food Fails, Chick Fil A Rises, Here’s Why

Chick Fil A is the gold standard of fast good. For others trying to rebrand and compete, a logo design company is a great starting point.

Here is why Chick Fil A is doing so well, and why a logo design company is the best place to boost business.


The Company

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Chick Fil A has done a great job with their branding, and that is a major reason why they have improved 17% in sales for the past year.  Their logo and strategies are great, which is a great reason to look to a logo design company when trying to boost business.  Chick Fil A was able to move past Subway, Wendys, Burger King, and Taco Bell in sales.  McDonalds and Starbucks are the only two franchises that Chick Fil A has yet to pass.

Why Are They Rising?

The industry is not doing too well as a whole.  Everyone is kind of just hanging in there trying to make ends meet.  But Chick Fil A just continues to rise in sales. With everyone else not doing a ton, what Chick Fil A is doing automatically becomes noticeable.  This current generation is simply not eating out as much


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Every company goes through challenges, and Chick Fil A is attacking them head-on.  Chick Fil A stays closed on Sundays and remains to be an extremely faith-based organization.  They also have come out against same-sex marriage, which caused a short-lived uproar. Even with these challenges, Chick Fil A still thrives above all.

Why Do They Succeed?

Chick Fil A is not a traditional fast food restaurant at all.  While most serve basic burgers and fries, they serve various chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.  These menu selections set Chick Fil A apart from the pack.

Probably the biggest reason Chick Fil A does so well is their outstanding customer service.  Customers leave Chick Fil A with a smile on their face due to the pleasantries exchanged by their hospitable staff.

It will not be long until Chick Fil A expands all over the place and brings that same unmatched customer service wherever they go.

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