Which platform is the best for eCommerce: Magento vs. WordPress

If you already use WordPress as your publishing platform to operate your website and your business is considering to incorporate an selling products online, it is time to think about which eCommerce platform is best for your business; WordPress or Magento?

Magento’s complex and advanced layout maybe more intimidating for those WordPress users however, Magento is the best possible choice for your eCommerce business to be successful. Even though both WordPress and Magento are highly customizable themes and user friendly while still having advanced SEO opportunities, Magento’s core purpose is for eCommerce and will allow you business to use flexible features and control valuable add-ons to create a successful eCommerce website.

Why Magento is Better for Your Online Business

Unlike WordPress, which is mainly for content management, Magento was made specifically for eCommerce. Its structure and format is designed for selling online for both large and small companies. An advantage Magento has over WordPress when it comes to eCommerce plug-ins is Magento’s plug-ins have more flexibility and support more options such as different shipping options and multiple payment options. Magento also has an overwhelming amount of eCommerce capabilities such as inventory, price management, gift cards, and much more making it easy to manage your products while giving the best customer experience. With its endless capabilities and tailored use for eCommerce, Magento is the WordPress equivalent when it comes to user-friendly eCommerce platforms for your business.

If you want to use your website for strictly content and blogging purposes then WordPress will be a perfect fit for your business. WordPress is even suitable for selling 20 or less products online because of its limited eCommerce capabilities. However, businesses looking to expand their website to sell many products to large audiences across the world, then Magento will better fit your needs for your business and provide the structure, security, and abilities to successfully create a great customer experience online.

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