Google Now Issuing Adobe Flash Warnings in Search Results

google mobile SearchWarning! News Flash! If your website if fully designed using Adobe Flash, then you might already be penalized in the Google search engine results!

Both Google spiders and mobile devices alike have had a long history of animosity with Adobe Flash, and Google is now waging war against websites using this technology. Starting July 15, 2014, Google is now issuing warnings to mobile web searchers when the websites offered up in the search engine results are designed with Adobe Flash and are therefore not considered user-friendly with their operating system or digital device.

Google WarningTo put this another way, for those of us using an Android or iPhone, Google is going to post a warning in the search results next to the individual links of all websites designed with Adobe Flash. This warning will essentially encourage the web searcher to click on another alternate, non-Adobe link instead.

You may have already begun to see these warnings. They say, “Uses Flash. May not work on your device. Try anyway | Learn more.” If this looks familiar, it may because a similarly worded warning was used for faulty redirect messages by Google as well.

What does this mean? Well, most people when issued an online warning of any kind will immediately click elsewhere. Why take the chance? Smartphones are all about speed and efficiency, so the warning will likely be followed.

But Google is offering its webmasters and customers another option to avoid the appearance of this threatening warning next to your website link. Google recommends changing your site over to HTML5 instead because it works on all modern smartphones and tablets.

Sounds simple, right? Converting a single webpage from Adobe Flash to HTML5 can be challenging and time-consuming to the programming novice. Try converting an entire website or blog with years of content and articles. Contact Branding Los Angeles for a quick and affordable website conversion to HTML5 before it’s too late. Your traffic and conversion numbers may already be taking a massive hit!

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