The Upcoming of Digital Marketing

Social media and regular electronic device apps have been the key resource in digital marketing for the twenty-first century. Advertisers that use websites such as Twitter and Instagram, for example, have had great success in attracting many people to their company. The reason for this is because there is an increasing rate of new users on certain apps, which leads to more potential consumers for advertisers. Branding Los Angeles, a leading marketing company in the Westside of Los Angeles, discusses this topic in more detail on their website.

Success on the Gram

Millions of people have signed up for Instagram over the past seven years, and studies show that there are over a million monthly advertisers and more than six million business profiles, which leads to one main idea-consume. Millions of Instagram users from all over the world are using the app every day.


It is believed that most of the advertising on Instagram has successfully targeted more elderly people than the younger generation. Although advertisements on Instagram also target many millennials and younger people, study shows that active Instagram users between the ages of 65-74 actually go out and search for the products after they see it on Instagram.

Facebook, the ORIGINAL Ad Site

Facebook has been one of the best social media websites for people to advertise on. Facebook has been around longer than Instagram, and there are many more users on Facebook than any other social media site. Around 61% of advertisers are planning to spend more money on Facebook than Snapchat, Instagram and even Twitter.

The Music World

Music apps are a great resource for advertisers as well. Apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio receive tons of users every month. Spotify and iHeartRadio have already reached over 100,000,000 users. More registered users equates to better results for advertisement agencies.

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