UCLA and Under Armour Agree On Immense Sponsorship Deal

UCLA is a well-known name, whether it is for their location, academics or athletics.  Recently, UCLA has added yet another accolade to its name, signing the biggest shoe and apparel sponsorship deal in NCAA history.

However, UCLA is not the only one benefiting from this deal, Under Armour is as well.

According to Los Angeles Marketing Company, UCLA signed a 15-year, $280-million sponsorship deal with Under Armour.

When Los Angeles Marketing Companymost people think of big name athletic companies Adidas and Nike are often thought of, but with this new deal and others like it, Under Armour is becoming a major player in the athletic sponsorship world.

With this deal come other benefits for both UCLA and Under Armour.

Both logos are often easily recognized separately, so by combining the two, they are giving both the fans of UCLA and consumers of Under Armour brand recognition.  UCLA now has new bragging rights after signing this monumental deal and Under Armour has acquired a big name West Coast program.

Both of these acquisitions are impressive and will help lead to brand awareness for both the school and the athletic company.

Additionally, both brands are broadening their target market by cutting this extensive deal.

UCLA will garner recognition by being featured by Under Armour in stores, ads, and commercials, whereas, Under Armour will gain 43,000+ new consumers through taking control of UCLA’s apparel.

Under Armour will supply UCLA with $15 million up front, $11 million each school year in rights and marketing fees, $7.4 million in apparel, shoes, and equipment annually, and $2 million over an eight year period to improve facilities.

Ultimately, brand awareness and recognition are key components to this deal and UCLA and Under Armour will reap the benefits come summer of 2017.

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