Tyson Foods Introducing Meatless Foods

A logo design company can help rebrand, especially in the case of Tyson Foods, who will be introducing meatless foods.

Here is the story and how a logo design company can help you rebrand:


The Announcement

Tyson Foods is not involved with Beyond Meat anymore, and will instead make products with substitutes for meat.  Tyson Foods sold its stake in Beyond Meat because they want to move into the vegetarian market for meat substitutes. It is announced that these meatless products will launch in the summer and take off in October and November.  A logo design company is a great resource when launching new products.

Market Value

Beyond Meat had a good stock value, but it went down.  Luckily, they worked it back up. Beyond’s value has surged and Tyson Foods gained 2% market value.  The competition between these companies and others like it revolves around who can come up with the best meatless substitute.  Catering to that market and converting some of the meat markets is the ultimate goal.

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Americans are trying to get healthier, but that does not always mean a trend in people going vegetarian.  Eating meat is one of the main things that people are trying to cut down on.  Meat is a common subject of debate in the food industry.  Supply and demand is the name of the game, and it is important for these companies to stay on top of it.

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