3 Influencer Marketing Lessons Learned From FYRE

Netflix and Hulu’s trending documentary is on FYRE and has been a staggering talk for all the marketing companies in Los Angeles

As one of the marketing companies in Los Angeles, we have highlighted marketing influencer lessons learned from FYRE! This festival promised the greatest concert at the beach, tastings with chefs, luxury villas and gourmet food. However, because of the mass disorganization, they ended up feeding packaged sandwiches to all the VIP guests. Additionally, they also accommodated them in federal emergency tents. These are the same guests who paid over $12,000 for their tickets. 

marketing companies in Los Angeles

McFarland, founder of Fyre Festival said,”more footage, the better”.  The Fyre festival was heavily promoted on social media by 400+ influencers, including Kendall Jenner (#KJONFYRE). Kendall got paid $250K while rest of the influencers were paid $20,000 minimum. Influencer marketing is an incredible way to persuade followers and bring them on board. However, this can only be successful if influencers are honest and ethical towards their followers.

We at Branding Los Angeles, one of the leading marketing companies in Los Angeles, is here to shed light on the lessons learned from influencers during FYRE.

Unique is Effective

We live in an era where an Instagram page called @world_record_egg created the record for the highest amount of likes on a picture of an EGG. What a great time to be alive right? Similarly, on December 12, FYRE was promoted on Instagram by 63 influencers concurrently uploading the picture of an ‘orange tile’. This flooded the posts with curious followers.

Imagine, a simple yet unique idea can now create global dominance.  

Look for #ad or #sponsored on influencer’s post.

The Federal Trade Commission made it mandatory for all the influencers to include #ad or #sponsored for a paid post. This shows transparency to the followers and also reduces influencers liability in case anything goes down.  

In the case of Fyre, many of the influencers promoting Fyre did not include #ad or #sponsored and ended up facing lawsuits. 

Influencers can make AND break your event

Just how influencers created the buzz before the event, other influencers highlighted event breakdown on social media by tweeting packaged bread, cheese, and salad for dinner.

The single tweet gained 1.7k retweets within no time. 

marketing companies in Los Angeles

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