The Dodgers have a very distinct Los Angeles logo, but there is a lot of history with the team as well.

Here are some things you may not have known about the Los Angeles logo and the Los Angeles Dodgers:


What Was The Old Name Of The Dodgers?

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When the team in Brooklyn made their debut, there was no Los Angeles logo yet.  They were first known as the Brooklyn “Bridegrooms.”  They coined this phrase for the team because the players on the team were all getting married at the time.  The name transformed into the “Trolly Dodgers,” because of the many trolley cars surrounding the Brooklyn area.  The name got shortened to just “Dodgers” shortly after.

Why Is The Team Called The Dodgers?

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The reason the “Dodgers” have their name relates back to when they played in Brooklyn.  The name used to be “Trolley Dodgers” because there were so many trolleys in the city making it difficult to get around.  When they moved to Los Angeles, the Dodgers changed their logo to the Los Angeles logo

How Many Times Have The Dodgers Won The World Series?

The Dodgers have won the World Series 6 times but have been to the world series 21 times.  Their world series victories came in 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988. Although they have not won the World Series in some time, the Dodgers remain one of the best teams in Major League Baseball.

Why Did The Dodgers Leave Brooklyn?

The Dodgers were never thrilled with their stadium in Brooklyn.  The city never saw eye to eye with the team and they were unable to get the new stadium that they wanted.  The city of Los Angeles was thrilled, and New York fans were disappointed. This is when the iconic Los Angeles logo took off. 

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