The 4 Advantages A Marketing Company In China Has Over A Western Company

The differences between a marketing company in China compared to one in a western country is that Chinese marketers are finding new ways to make marketing campaigns cheaper, quicker, and easier.

This is thanks to the specific differences in technological culture that separates China from the rest of the world.

Mobile Screen Time

The average Chinese person spends 7 hours a day on their phone. Chinese marketers are able to create innovative mobile campaigns that are different from print and TV ads made by western marketers. This allows for one main point of engagement for the Chinese market as opposed to 3 different ones. Chinese marketers mostly focus on their mobile platform while the rest of the world has to work on separate campaigns for television, newspapers, and the internet.

Consumer Data

The conglomerates of China, such as Tencent and Alibaba, are so large that the amount of consumer insight available to them is unfathomable. This access to consumer data allows them to create better products and campaigns. Data collected by these large corporations are shared and implemented by their subsidiaries to work together in different industries.

Western Collaboration

Western companies like McDonalds and BMW choose to work directly with the conglomerates due to their size. This allows for partnership, instead of competition, to grow in China. It also allows for conglomerates to control the marketing strategies and plan large events more effectively. When BMW launched the X1, they collaborated with Tencent to promote the car with a large, single day event.

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Key Opinion Leaders, or KOL’s, are influencers of different demographics that are used to create content. These KOL’s can interact directly with consumers thanks to mobile technology that the Chinese market has grown up with. VR has also allowed fans of KOL’s to connect together even more than thought possible in western markets.

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