The Importance of The Customer Experience

Tech businesses have begun to place unique and enjoyable customer experiences at the forefront of their product development. Our branding agency in Los Angeles stays up to date with the latest developments in various tech industry products.

Tech companies are consistently refining their product to create a satisfactory user experience. A simple, user-friendly product is far more likely to see success than those with a difficult learning curve to overcome but jam-packed with features.

Instagram has long been a company with a constantly evolving product design even prior to Facebook’s acquisition. Their rebranding into a photo and video sharing platform were strategic moves to improve their product user experience. They saw the value in creating an easy-to-use application to differentiate themselves from other similar platforms.

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When faced with the threat of competitor Snapchat’s success, it would only be a matter of time for Instagram to need to adapt. The competitor media sharing app had gained popularity for its short 10-second photo/video messages and, most notably, its ‘story’ features. Stories gave users the chance to essentially create a visual status update that is visible to all the user’s friends at once. Instagram took notice and this feature was made their own by debuting Instagram Stories in late 2016.

Just a little over a year later, Instagram Stories saw 200 million users, outperforming Story-pioneer Snapchat by approximately 50 million. Instagram continues improvement of its customer app experience with further iterations to their features, the most recent of which involves user story highlights which archive your stories to display permanently on a user profile.

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