Spa Marketing Checklist: 5 Marketing Tips That Work

When it comes to the highly competitive nature of the day spa industry, innovative marketing strategies can make all the difference in the world. In a business that is well known for its rather drastic mood swings in consumer interest from season to season, having a creatively effective branding and spa marketing plan can help level the playing field during the down times.

Here are some simple but effective med spa marketing techniques used by some of the most consistently lucrative day spas in the world.

1) Best Spa marketing YelpMaximize the web.

Like it or not, your business is going to have a presence on Yelp. Take full advantage of it by posting photos and information that can attract new clients and customers. Sign up with every free online directory possible, and don’t forget Google+. Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. Also, consider offering a 10% discount coupon for new website visitors who subscribe to your blog or newsletter.

2) Revamp your website.

SEO protocol is constantly changing. If your company website was first designed back in the early 2000’s, then it’s probably time for a redo.

Use the “KISS” test, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Make sure that the site looks inviting yet remains uncluttered and free from excessive gadgets, videos, and widgets that might slow down its uploading for your viewers. Use professional photographs of real clients enjoying the full-blown spa treatment while in your actual premises. And always include a complete and comprehensive list of all of your many services.

3) Begin a Birthday Club.

Encourage new and existing members to provide their email address and birth date, without requiring the year of their birth. This will increase the chances of people actually signing up by allowing them the ability to keep their real age a secret and to protect themselves from possible identity theft. Then, send them a special birthday e-greeting, perhaps with a coupon for a free spa treatment of their choice. Some spas offer birthday gift cards to their members, allowing their customers to use them on any service in the spa or to even give them away to a friend.

Spa Marketing tips bday club

4) Take advantage of social media.

Creating a Facebook page for your day spa is completely and totally free. Then ask your receptionist to post several times a day during his or her down time. Encourage your clients to “like” the page, and post your changing sales promotions on all of your social media accounts. Link all of your social media profiles back to your corporate website. With the rapidly growing popularity of social media today, customers are just as likely to first begin looking for your business online through Facebook or Twitter as by a traditional search engine query.

5) Offer Combo-Packs

This marketing ploy has been used rather successfully for centuries. Day spas are no different. Offer combo packages that include perhaps 3, 5, or even 10 different spa treatments at a reduced rate. This allows clients the opportunity to try new services that they might not otherwise be interested in. Offer mother/daughter packages or even bride and groom discounts. For first time customers, perhaps a “try me” sampler might be the perfect fit. Be creative, and keep it interesting.

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