You Probably Didn’t Know Social Media is Crucial for Small Businesses

With nearly 50 percent of consumers using social media as a primary tool for making online purchases, small business owners can no longer ignore the increasing importance of these platforms for growing and sustaining their business. Managing a social media presence takes a great deal of time and professional resources, which is one of the primary reasons why so many small businesses put off jumping on board the social media bandwagon.

By waiting so much longer to get involved with social media for marketing strategies, small business may be doing themselves more harm than good. Postponing the inevitable will only give the competition an even greater head start. Here are some ways in which a strong social media presence can drastically affect your corporate bottom line.

  1. Make an impact: Social media allows small business owners to shape the conversation, rather than being at the mercy of those who do. By encouraging customers to share their experiences with the company brand, these testimonials can be promoted and shared to attract new business. By not engaging on social media, your customer base may never know how wonderful your company and products truly are.
  2. Boost brand name reputation: Even if your small business is not involved in social media, your customers are. Whether you know it or not, they are already filling the Internet with reviews about your company and products, some good and some bad. Without a social media presence, how can your company demonstrate your sense of awareness and responsiveness to consumer demands?
  3. Engage with client base: Social media is automatically designed for back-and-forth interaction and customer engagement. By not having a social media presence, small businesses are forced to work much harder to connect and engage with both new and current customers.

Social Media

Branding Los Angeles works with small business owners through all stages of the branding process. This includes everything from logo design to product development, video creation, initiation of marketing campaigns, launching of new product lines, and especially social media management strategies. By integrating multiple disciplines into a single, cohesive branding strategy, Branding Los Angeles helps clients build brand name recognition, boost their online reputation, establish themselves as leaders in their industry, and ultimately increase revenues.

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