Project Description

Los Angeles Marketing Company

The Company:

Ventura Partners is a talent acquisition service that serves the Beverly Hills, Chicago and Illinois.  They formed in 2010 under the premise that experienced search consultants could provide the outcome and experience that their clients are looking for.
Phone:  100 N. Crescent Dr., Suite #115, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Location: (310) 734-2217

The Project:

The client wanted an updated website that effectively represented who they are as a company.

The Approach:

In order provide effective web design for Ventura Partners, we met with them to gather information and discuss their vision and goals for this project.  Using their feedback, our design team created mock-ups for each page of the site, involving the client every step of the way.  Once the mock-ups were finalized and approved, our web development team programmed the site.

The Results:

An effective and efficient website that successfully demonstrated the company and their offerings with 100% satisfaction from the client.


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