Project Description

Los Angeles Marketing Company

The Company:

Los Angeles Beach Weddings is a wedding planning service that works with couples who are having their wedding at beach venues in the greater Los Angeles area. They offer officiants, simple wedding ceremonies, set up services, all inclusive wedding ceremonies and all inclusive ceremony and reception services.

Phone: 1.800.695.2933
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Closed Saturday & Sunday

The Project:

The client needed help connecting with their target market through Google, Bing and Yahoo searches, they also wanted to revamp their logo and grow their online following.

The Approach:

Since this company’s business operations are location sensitive, we implemented a geolocation-based marketing campaign. We were able to gain visibility within their target market by creating a keyword optimized website. We also created a consistent brand image by designing their logo and various print materials including business cards, brochures, signage and more. We also managed all of their social media accounts to engage their followers and build brand visibility online.

The Results:

2nd spot Google Place ranking for “Los Angeles Beach Wedding”
2nd spot Google Place ranking for “Beach Wedding Los Angeles”