Edgestone Real Estate

The Company:

Edgestone Real Estate is a click-and-mortar real estate company that serves the Southern California area. They differentiate themselves with their commitment to always being available to their clients.  Edgestone specializes in bank owned properties, short sales, investor owned properties, property management and regular equity sales. Their mission is “not just success today but in the future as well.”

Website: edgestonere.com
Phone: 213.245.7928.
Location: 137 N Virgil Ave, # 201 Los Angeles, CA
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

The Project:

The client needed an easy-to-use website to be created that included online forms, they wanted to implement a monthly newsletter and to grow their online community.

The Approach:

We started by implementing our Real Estate Marketing and created a website that would be fully functional for both clients and the back-end users. We created an online tool that customers could use to search for available listings, making the process easier for them. We also implemented online forms and a system that followed all guidelines for personal security. We wrote and published newsletters that kept past clients and potential new clients informed and up to date with the real estate market. Other services included:

• Creating and running their social media pages to build an online visibility and generate client leads
• Designing and running print ads to bring in potential new clients
• Designing and producing signage (“For Sale,” “Sold,” “Open House” signs,  etc.)


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