Pepsi Max Takes Branding to the Max in this New Marketing Ad

Following in the footsteps of other, more artistic innovators in branding strategies, Pepsi MAX recently decided to launch its own version of “commercial art.” The project was overseen by the world-class filmmaker, Harriman Steel of London, England, and included a massive room filled with tiny white Ping-Pong balls resting on inactivated mousetraps in a standard wood color. Each mousetrap was perfectly aligned with the others in the room, looking rather impressive even in this motionless state.

After hours of preparation, a single ball was launched into the mousetrap-filled room, setting off a “chain reaction” of magnificent proportions, which is also the name of the video release.

After a chaotic display of thousands of tiny, white balls flying to-and-fro throughout the room, a single sphere finds its way into a beautifully cylindrical funnel highlighted with the colors of the Pepsi brand, red, white, and blue.

The singular Ping-Pong ball swirls downward in perfect synchronicity to the overlaying musical motif, traveling through the funnel and into a second ball-and-mousetrap fill mirrored space, but this time the individual orbs are also colored in the Pepsi Brand hues to match the funnel.

The commercial ends with the filmmakers hugging each other as if they had just invented sliced bread, but the effect is still very effective. Pepsi has managed to make their presence known once again to the atypical soda consumer as the leading brand with its finger on the pulse of creativity and innovation. It is Los Angeles Marketing at its finest.

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