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The Benefits of SEO and Social Media

In observance of the rapid use of SEO and social media, our SEO company in California has identified the perfected combination of the two. Our team at Branding Los Angeles has been using these two strategies to maximize the marketing efforts of our clients. However, navigating the benefits between the two may seem a [...]

The Benefits of SEO and Social Media2018-09-21T20:17:35+00:00

Facebook’s Business Page is Becoming User-Friendly

The relationship between Facebook users and business pages is improving with the new layout in store for everyone. With the new update released by Facebook, marketing in Los Angeles has become easier for businesses since it'll be easier to connect with customers. The new Facebook layout provides a simpler and more direct experience. Below are more [...]

Facebook’s Business Page is Becoming User-Friendly2018-09-09T07:28:20+00:00

Facebook’s New Negative Feedback Feature

Facebook has introduced numerous ways to recognize a new post; the first was a simple like (or thumbs up) and comment, the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. was the emoji. The use of a smiley face, sad face, angry face, laughing face, shocked face, and lastly a heart have given free range of expression for [...]

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Instagram TV is Invading the Realm of Video

Instagram TV is a new feature added to the Instagram app as well as a stand-alone mobile application.  Instagram TV caters to the carefree attitude inside all of us because we have some time to kill and watch a batch of videos rather than search for a specific video. Here's what you need to [...]

Instagram TV is Invading the Realm of Video2018-09-09T07:28:20+00:00

Influencer Marketing Tips For A Successful Business

Fashion influencer marketing is becoming a necessity for business growth. The social media presence has been a great tool for businesses to showcase their latest trends, products, or events. What is fashion influencer marketing? This relatively new trend is a way for people to market themselves quickly and gain [...]

Influencer Marketing Tips For A Successful Business2018-09-09T07:28:20+00:00

5 Secrets to Succeed in Fashion Influencer Marketing

Fashion marketing and social media influencers go hand in hand. Technology has paved a new path for businesses to partner with social media influencers to promote products and brands. Fashion influencer marketing happens when businesses work with influential people in their industry. They do this to market and reach their targeted audience. [...]

5 Secrets to Succeed in Fashion Influencer Marketing2018-09-09T07:28:20+00:00

Netflix Creates Their Own Font: Netflix Sans

As more firms appear in an online domain, they see new issues arise that they could not account for. Major industry giants such as Netflix are realizing the importance of tackling graphic design in Los Angeles issues. Netflix Redesigns Their Font Netflix recognized that in order to save millions they had to [...]

Netflix Creates Their Own Font: Netflix Sans2018-09-09T07:28:21+00:00

Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips To Follow

A good business can be overlooked if it is difficult to find online, so it is important to know some search engine optimization tips to help drive traffic to your website. Traditional word-of-mouth and print marketing campaigns are no longer enough to help a business stay competitive since consumers are increasingly reliant on the [...]

Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips To Follow2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

Attracting Millennials Through Influencer Marketing

In a world full of an overexposure of digital content, some companies feel hopeless that their message is not reaching one of the biggest markets (millennials). Learning how to utilize fashion influencer marketing will help companies make their messages meaningful and memorable. Using fashion influencer marketing is a game changer for most fashion firms. The [...]

Attracting Millennials Through Influencer Marketing2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00

The Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl

The recent 2018 super bowl generated millions of viewers as expected. Many companies use this time to push their ads during commercials, hoping to attract new business. Most importantly, companies will produce their work using the top graphic design Los Angeles experts to deliver an attention-grabbing message. Below we highlight some of the most memorable [...]

The Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl2018-09-09T07:28:22+00:00