Netflix Reaches Users Through Graphic Design

To make a business look unique and grab the attention of consumers, graphic design Los Angeles is often used. Companies are able to target a specific audience and become more successful through the proper use of graphics. Here is how Netflix is effectively using this strategy:

Netflix Focuses On Creating Memorable Graphic Designs         

As a large company, Netflix is known worldwide. Netflix spends billions of dollars on their content creation just to grab viewer’s attention. They have created a unique pattern within their system that generates different frames on the same shows or movies. This alone is able to gage more viewers’ attention.

Customized Netflix Recommendations Just For You

Have you ever noticed the different categories on Netflix that are related specifically to you? This is all part of the graphic design within their site. Netflix creates sections with the intention to target a certain audience.  These sections are user-friendly and give their customers an easier way for them to find shows that they would be most interested in.

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 Are Your Covers Different Than Your Friend’s? That’s On Purpose.

Through graphic design, Netflix is able to manipulate the system. They grab the attention of specific viewers by switching movie photos that better attracts the viewer. For example, one frame may have a couple kissing making the romantic viewer more enticed to watch it. However, the same movie could have a very different frame of a fight scene, even though it’s the same movie they are intriguing multiple types of movie watchers.

That practices Netflix is implementing into their digital campaigns prove that graphic design is important. To learn why you should start investing in graphic design read “4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Graphic Design.

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