How To Make Your Law Firm’s Online Advertisement More Effective

Branding Los Angeles specializes in Law Firm Marketing Los Angeles.  We bring you the story on how to make your law firm’s online advertisements more successful below:

Increase Usability with Specific Landing Pages After Your Online Advertisement is Clicked

A landing page is a page that users are on directed to when they have clicked an online advertisement.  These types of landing pages are important for reinforcing your online listing.  An complete and accurate page helps to increase conversion rates from advertisements.

Once you have created a captivating advertisement, be sure your landing page brings the prospective client directly to the topic they have searched for.  For example, if a client is seeking a civil rights attorney, do not bring them to your home page, this will only hinder the client’s experience.  Instead, link them directly to the part of your website regarding civil rights attorneys.  This will help the user to easily navigate exactly what they have searched for and increases the chances of a website visit turning into a client.

Focus Your Keyword Strategy

Increase the number of views your law firm’s website receives through a more detailed advertising strategy.  It is important to use specific keywords to grab the attention of your clients and increase the likely-hood of your advertisement being viewed.  Test which keywords and landing page combinations are generating the most revenue, then focus your budget around those that are most effective.  No marketing budget is unlimited, so the more specific the better.  By taking a more streamlined approach, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget.


Track Returns On Paid Search Traffic

It is critical to track the revenue generated through your paid search traffic. This will allow you to see what avenues are the most successful in turning leads into clients. With this simple four-step process, you can easily track traffic and revenue:

  1. Record How Leads Were Acquired

    Be sure to record where leads come from so you know exactly which ones came from AdWords. This can easily be done with a dedicated CRM service within your firm.

  1. Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

    By simply entering a code created by Adwords, you will be able to identify which keywords and advertisements arethe most successful.

  1. Call Tracking

    Call tracking platforms allow you to incorporate analytics in order to determine which calls come through your advertisements.

  1. Link Revenues Back To Google Adwords

    By carrying out the last three-steps, you should have enough information to tie back how much specific revenue was generated through your Google Adwords campaign.


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