10 topics Mark Zuckerberg discussed at Mobile World Conference 2016

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was present at the Mobile World Congress 2016, there he discussed his thoughts and opinions. He gave reasons why social media marketing is important. Zuckerberg was the interviewee on stage interviewed by Jessi Hempel, an author at Wired. People at the Mobile World Congress 2016 were very enthusiastic to hear Zuckerberg speak. Zuckerberg had a lot to say. Here are the topics that Zuckerberg covered:


1.Hempel first questioned Zuckerberg on the recent Internet.org ban in India. Zuckerberg’s Free Basic program aims to give an extra billion people internet access. Hempel inquired what Zuckerberg had learned. Zuckerberg first replied, “We learned that every country is different.” Then he gave an update on what Facebook is doing to expand internet connectivity.

2. Next, Zuckerberg dissented on the opinion that he wants to increase internet activity for despicable reasons. He stated,  “People don’t take me at face value that we just want to help people get on the Internet.”

3.Zuckerberg then went on to tell telecom companies that while 5G networks are a great plan they shouldn’t forget about connecting the rest of the world to the internet.

4. With all the talk about Virtual Reality Zuckerberg proclaimed that he had thought about VR in his teenage years. He added “it’s personally really exciting to me.”

5. Zuckerberg declared his anticipation for VR to be an app on 5G.

6.Later, Zuckerberg mentioned that Jarvis was just an artificial intelligence in order for him to control his house.

7. He explained his upbeat aura on video.  He stated, “Video brings more raw and intimate moments that let you be you.”

8. He gave his opinion on the FBI and Apple dispute. Zuckerberg proclaimed, “We lean toward Apple.”

9. He mentioned technology usage rules for his daughter; saying “I’ve got time to figure that out.”

10. Zuckerberg showed his more human side. After profusely sweating during the dialogue he stated, “I’m not good at controlling that.”


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