The Most Memorable Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl

The recent 2018 super bowl generated millions of viewers as expected. Many companies use this time to push their ads during commercials, hoping to attract new business. Most importantly, companies will produce their work using the top graphic design Los Angeles experts to deliver an attention-grabbing message.

Below we highlight some of the most memorable commercials that aired during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Celebrity Sightings

Many companies love to use celebrities and influencers in their ads, and we definitely witnessed that in the 2018 Super Bowl. For this year’s Super Bowl, fans may have seen ads that included Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage, and Cardi B to name a few. Of all the use of celebrity sightings, Doritos definitely generated the most positive feedback for their ad. Here, Peter Dinklage is lip singing to Busta Rhymes. This commercial ran smoothly, and concept went well with their hashtag “spit fire”.

Best Commercial Gag

Additionally, a tactic in grabbing the audience attention is to keep the viewer guessing. Tide definitely took the crown under this category. They ran a commercial that featured cars, beer, and irrelevant products to Tide. David Harbour is featured in the commercial, and at the end reveals that it is just a Tide Ad in a clever manner.

Weirdest Commercials

Graphic design Los Angles specialists play a huge part in the creation of funny commercials. Every year commercials try to make funny commercials to get a positive reaction from consumers. Often times the commercial ends up being weird instead. This year, M&Ms had the infamous red M&M turn into Danny Devito. In the commercial, he asks people if they want to eat him, and ends up getting hit by a passing truck. It ends in an odd manner and left consumers confused.

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