Market Research

Market research is a critical component of understanding who your audience is and how to best reach them. At Branding Los Angeles, we use cutting edge techniques and industry insider knowledge to form comprehensive market research strategies. We have performed market research for several major, well-established brands as well as many brands that are in their pre-launch and soft-launch phase.

At Branding Los Angeles, we utilize our understanding of consumer psychology to gain insight into the mind of your consumer. We are able to read between the lines to gain a deeper understanding of what the data is telling us. We are data driven but we also rely on experience and intuition to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

 Product testing:

Product testing helps us understand if your product meets the needs of the consumer and the possible applications and limitations of a product. Product testing can help us understand where the product excels and where it fails. Before you invest thousands or millions of dollars in production costs, we will help you determine the viability of your product or product attribute.

Advertising testing:

How well does your advertising speak to your audience? It can be difficult to have an unbiased opinion about your own advertising. Our team can help you take the guessing out of your advertising and get an unbiased, definitive answer about the effectiveness of your advertising.

Let our researchers determine how your advertising is received by the public.

Pricing Research:

Determining the most effective price point is one of the biggest hurdles when introducing a new product or service. Effective pricing can be the difference between having a major success and a total failure. Let our researchers determine the perfect price point to allow you to maximize your profit margins.

Brand Awareness And Reach:

Brand recognition is critical to the success of a brand. Let our researchers determine what your brand represents in the mind of your audience.

Satisfaction And Loyalty Analysis:

The public develop attachments to a brand, show loyalty and trust, and most of all repeat purchase a brand. Let our researchers help determine the level of satisfaction your audience has.

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