Netflix Creates Their Own Font: Netflix Sans

As more firms appear in an online domain, they see new issues arise that they could not account for. Major industry giants such as Netflix are realizing the importance of tackling graphic design in Los Angeles issues.

Netflix Redesigns Their Font

Netflix recognized that in order to save millions they had to overcome some graphic design problems. One of their design leaders created a new font called Netflix Sans. This simple action was a clever way to solve many of Netflix’s problems. Netflix exists on a broad global scale, and they realized that licensing their font had become very expensive. Their graphic design team created a new typeface that fit Netflix’s aesthetic, and now gives them more ownership over their brand. This custom font gives them more control over their firm.

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Setting The Precedent For Other Businesses

Your business can learn quite a bit from Netflix changing its font. Netflix deciding to take another level of ownership concerning their graphic design gives them a leg up on their competition. They set a precedent on the level of sophistication and creativity other firms must have when it comes to design decisions. Netflix changing their font changes how your company should present itself.

The Next Steps

You might be asking yourself what you should do in regards to Netflix’s new changes. Your company should take an honest look at the work from your graphic design Los Angeles team and ask yourself how you could be doing better. You need to ask yourself how the design on your online platforms comes across to your potential customers. You also need to analyze if any of these platforms need a new level of sophistication. Your logo, website, and social media pages speak volumes. If you have done a subpar job on the graphic design Los Angeles work that you currently have, you may need to make drastic changes. Lastly, you should think about hiring a new team to create a new design to set yourself apart and make your online business seem more appealing.

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