The Grove Partners with Uber For The Holidays

Our Los Angeles marketing company has discovered a fantastic partnership between The Grove and The Americana shopping malls of Los Angeles.

These two malls have come up with a very creative marketing strategy to attract the attention of holiday shoppers as Black Friday looms ever closer. Consumers always have to face terrible traffic and impossible parking conditions when visiting the mall. This is why The Grove and Americana shopping malls are temporarily offering free Uber rides to their guests.

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Arriving In Style

Shoppers can arrive in style with a professional chauffeured in a black Uber car. This is a great way to separate themselves from the other regional shopping malls. These malls can also increase their brand’s visibility with this marketing strategy.

What’s The Catch?

The complimentary trip is only one-way unless you spend $450 or more in any combination of each mall’s stores. But really, how difficult can it be to spend $450? Especially since both malls have an Apple Store and a Nordstrom.

The offer will begin on Black Friday, November 28, 2014, and will continue full-force until Christmas Eve.

To get the maximum benefits of the innovative branding strategy, the mall’s management is inviting customers to contact The Grove for more details at 323-900-8080. Downloadable Uber maps are also readily available on the shopping center’s website.

By offering a smooth travel and parking experience to millions of Los Angeles residents for the entire holiday season, the company’s CEO, Rick Caruso, hopes to give shoppers “the gift of time”. He is confident that by providing an elevated and luxurious shopping experience, shoppers will take note and make The Grove and The Americana their malls of choice for the New Year.

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