Hyundai has used its logo in a big way. The daughter of an astronaut on the International Space Station had a special message to send to her dad and Hyundai Motors found a unique way to get her message to space. The company used 11 Genesis cars to carve the 13-year-olds hand-written message into the dry bed of Delamar Lake in Nevada. The epic message covered an area bigger than Central Park and was large enough for her dad to view from the International Space Station. It was also officially certified by Guinness World Records as the biggest tire track message ever. Hyundai used footage from the stunt to launch its ‘A Message To Space’ campaign.

Adding Value To Brands

Other brands have created space ads before, but they failed to create a human connection. Remember Jose Cuervo mixing a margarita in space or Red Bull’s supersonic free fall? Hyundai’s ‘A Message To Space’ campaign creates a connection with viewers that the others did not. This heartwarming campaign is sure to add value and goodwill to the Hyundai brand.

‘A Message To Space’