How To Avoid Spam Filters

Email marketing is an essential means of communication for companies to increase their brand awareness. 

Sending out emails to your subscribers to improve your online marketing can be very stressful if you are not fully devoted to it.  To not have your email newsletters blacklisted and filtered out by spam filters on your recipient’s mail list, there are some tips for things to check before sending out those emails.

Things to check before sending out emails, to avoid being marked as spam, blacklisted, or filtered.

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Edit the newsletter subject line to make sure that you don’t use things such as all caps, the word ‘free’, or the use of a date.  Try to use a professional title to avoid any risk of these things.  Avoid any spam-like sentences such as those that use too many exclamation points for exaggeration, or making sentences seem too urgent with exclamation points.  Also, make sure that the email is text-based and not HTML-based.  Text-based is the safest solution, as HTML-based may get filtered out because the recipient may not be able to receive those type of emails.

Do not send attachments, as these carry viruses often.  Avoid using Bcc distribution, color use in the text, and bad HTML codes.  The use of trigger words should be avoided as well, such words like ‘free’, ‘trial’, ‘quote’, ‘sample’, and ‘access’ can cause your newsletter to filtered out by most who use a spam filter of any kind.

More ways to prevent being blacklisted.

Don’t use images inside your newsletter in place of a text, always make sure that your computer and network are virus-free, and be sure that your newsletter has an easy way for subscribers to remove themselves from your mailing list.  We recommend asking your subscribers if they are receiving your newsletters, and if not, ask them to check their spam or junk folders. Always remind your subscribers to set up an automatic filter so that your newsletters go directly into their inbox.

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