Reebok Mocks President Trump With Graphic Design

As one of the leading graphic design studios Los Angeles, we recognize that graphic design is a useful tool when marketing a business.

Why Is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design studios Los Angeles are the fuel to help market and expand a business. Something like a great logo design can help boost your business’s appeal because it is used to attract the right consumers. By attracting the right consumers, you are able to create a space for new and prospective consumers.

What Makes Graphic Design Special?

Graphic design determines whether your business gets recognized or not. From business cards to brochure designs, each is a statement of recognition for your business, so it makes a difference if your print material has the proper design.

So, How Did Reebok Use Graphic Design For Its Advantage?

Reebok had a little fun by throwing some shade at President Donald Trump. President Trump was recently criticized for complimenting Brigitte Macron’s physical shape. The president apparently told the French President’s wife ” you’re in such good shape.”

Reebok took this trendy topic to their advantage by creating a graphic design that mocked the president’s compliments. As a result, Reebok’s Twitter went viral. The company was able to captivate a social audience they were once not able to tap into. Some Twitter users responded by saying they purchased Reebok products because of the Tweet.  As one can see, graphic design bolsters a brand’s recognition and is a useful tool in captivating an audience. Well played Reebok.

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