Book Vs Google and IKEA Wins

The Swedish Interior Design Giant, IKEA is making waves with a new Viral Video entitled, “Experience the power of a bookbook”. This satirical video production is a fun and engaging way to promote the actual physical IKEA catalog for 2015.

IKEA marketers designed the video with the professional look and serious tone of one of those new Apple product unveilings. But because the intention of the video marketing ploy is to simply promote a physical catalogue that has been used for marketing strategies for hundreds of years, the final video comes off very funny and comical, resonating with millions of YouTube Fans and going viral almost overnight.

Using witty phrasing like ““Content comes preinstalled via 328 high-definition pages” was the creative idea of Jorgen Eghammer, IKEA’s chief marketing strategist. Later in the video, he even instructs the read how to use a “bookbook” by simply touching and dragging. Eghammer brags about the catalogue’s “eternal battery life” and easy access features.

IKEA has been promoting some rather goofy video marketing strategies lately, strategies that are really beginning to boost their brand name visibility to even higher levels than before. In one recent publicity stunt, IKEA even posted an ad on Airbnb for Australian vacationers to have the opportunity to rent out one of their bedroom displays as an alternative to an expense Australian hotel suite.   Those who took them up on their offer were provided with free “puppy wake up calls” and even breakfast in bed.

IKEA is thinking outside the box these days, and this technique is paying off with increased branding recognition and improved corporate sales. Including video marketing into our advertising strategies is always a good idea. But to take it to the next level, having the courage to create Viral Videos that poke fun at ourselves is sometimes the perfect way to gain the trust of new customers, strangely as this may seem.

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